About Spilt Milk Bookings


Spilt Milk Bookings is primarily a booking agency for bands and artists but also organises Tours and one off events. It was set up in 2004 by Doug Ross after spending years as a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer. ‘It really wasn’t planned, Spilt Milk Bookings was birthed out of a need from Friends who were in bands or were solo artists but didn’t have the vehicle to get gigs.’ Andy Hunter and Electralyte were the first artists we represented and in-fact it was Matt Leader from Electralyte who came up with the name Spilt Milk Bookings. So you have him to thank!

Now we have passed our Ten year anniversary, we look back and feel very blessed for the journey we have had. Our artist roster has now grown significantly and we look ahead in excitement with the many partnerships we have to keep pressing in and resourcing the Church with great artistry and music.

We are very excited to welcome Ruth Donaldson to the team who is our Scottish partner and agent. As well as being an incredible hair stylist, Dancer and Photographer, she is very passionate to connect people and build the kingdom of God using one of her loves which is music. She is a great asset to the team and we look forward to seeing more great bands and artists coming to Scotland.